Currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina by way of New York City.  I was born a New Yorker, raised a Floridian, and became a (willingly) adopted Charlestonian. As the granddaughter of a fine artist, it was only natural for me to lean towards a career in design. That same grandmother introduced me to AD100 interior designer, Mario Buatta, who, happened to start his design career with that very same grandmother of mine. The influence of growing up in a home designed by a "maximalist", working with Mario and ultimately extending my design aptitude to a "minimalist" perspective while working for world renowned architecture and interior design firm Gabellini Sheppard Associates has given me a unique mindset when it comes to design. Ultimately, the most important design criteria being context, the who, what, when, where, why of each project. My innate ability to design for different styles and temperaments can be attributed towards a genuine predilection for aesthetic and spatial harmony with respect to the past, present and future. 

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