Interior Renovation for The Gotel

Each cottage in The Gotel is unique in style and floorplan. This particular unit has a rustic loft aesthetic unlike your traditional downtown Charleston interior which made designing this space all the more exciting.  The shades of blue in the wood paneled walls serve as inspiration for the color and material palette found throughout the space. The color, fabrics and slim silhouettes of the furniture serve to both complement and contrast the powerful material palette of wood, concrete and iron. 

Photography by Amanda Greeley

1_DSC01702_lo-res_Cintra by design.jpg
In true fashion of a micro-home, every space has a dual purpose. This seating area serves as both the entry to the home and entry to the basement. Underneath the rug, a hidden trap door opens up to a subterranean laundry room. For this reason, the furniture and floor plan of this room had to be flexible and lightweight, allowing for a quick and easy access to the basement.
— Cintra
3_DSC_8766_Cintra by design.jpg
4_DSC02030_Cintra by design.jpg
A custom bed with built in storage was constructed in order to maximize floor space while creating the feeling of a cozy alcove for sleeping.
— Cintra
7_DSC_8777_Cintra by design.jpg
6b_DSC02055_Cintra by design.jpg
10_DSC_8787_Cintra by design.jpg